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So, yesterday was Valentines Day. There were usually 2 types of posts. One expressed happiness of having a loving mate while the other usually said the day sucked because the author was alone. I took the 3rd path. Yes, I was alone, but there was so much love around me, it was truly overwhelming. The number of furs that wanted this old bear to visit, or wanted to visit the old bear was wonderful. I engaged in several deep and meaningful conversations with furiends, both old and new. I am completely honest and open with those I chat with and it doesn't matter how personal a furson wants to get with me. They know that I will be compassionate and understanding.

I had a wonderful chat with a furson who I discovered was a babyfur. Now before you run off and hide you should know that several fursons on my list are AB. It is yet another "furversion" of mine, although it is just a fringe interest at the time. I was discussing the lifestyle with another fur a few weeks ago, whom I still owe an email to, and I told him that I could understand it and embrace it, but some aspects were just not right for me. He then suggested that I look into becoming a papa bear. This seemed to be right up my alley. It truly is my fursonality to provide love and comfort to those that need and want it. It seemed like a role tailor made for me. Well, last night I was chatting with this other babyfur and he asked if I would be his papa bear. I was truly moved by such a request. Of course I agreed. It was a truly wonderful way to end a Valentines Day. I'm looking forward to tucking this person into a nice warm bed and snuggling up with him to read a bedtime story.
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