Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Gangnam Style

When I did my Otto Otter gig last week I had the usual request thrown at me..."Dance, Otto! Dance!" Ugh. I can do a pretty mean "robot" in suit, but I still haven't perfected Moonwalking with my big paws. One of the kids requested "Gangnam Style" so I did the best I could with the moves I remembered (not many.) No. I did not stand over him and flail my crotch around.

For the next few days I had the song stuck in my head. I would just randomly blurt out "Gangnam Style!" or "Heeeeeey! Sexy lady!" around the house. It drove Kitty nuts. Finally I did it while at the computer and she told me to go online and play the damn song already. So I went to YouTube. I played the official video, but something on the page caught my eye. The number of plays. 1.8 BILLION! You gotta be shitting me! BILLION! I did a search for "most popular YouTube videos" and sure enough. It was #1. Nothing else even came close. I hope Psi got at least a penny per view. That would be $18 million.
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