Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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There certainly has been a lot of histrionics in regards to the 50th anniversary of the death of JFK. Kitty and I actually laughed when we read that people as young as 49 were affected by the events. REALLY?!? Kitty turned 49 yesterday. She was not even conceived when JFK was shot. Oooo! It must have had a profound impact to her zygote!

To someone born after the event, it really didn't have that great of an impact. I can try to get my mindset into how it would feel to have a young, dynamic president assassinated in the prime of his life, but I just can't. I remember the day that Reagan was shot only because one of my high school tards came into Health class laughing that the president had been shot. Perhaps 10 years from now kids will be laughing at me when the question of "Where were you on 9/11" is asked.

I do remember watching public television about 20 years ago when they aired a documentary about the assassination and they showed the famous Zapruder film unedited for the first time. My jaw dropped as the film was played in all of its gory detail. The footage was then used in Oliver Stone's "JFK" many years later. It really puts the whole event in perspective. This was a horribly violent death. We will never truly know what happened in the balcony of Ford's Theater in 1865, but we can certainly know what it was like in Dallas in 1963.

Yes. It certainly feels like watching a snuff film. But here is the (in)famous footage.
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