Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

ABQ Snow

The "massive" snow storm we were supposed to receive over the weekend pretty much peetered out when it got to ABQ. Oh, we got some snow (about 1" at Fur Central), but it certainly wasn't the dumping I was hoping for. In fact, in very typical fashion, it had all pretty much melted by the middle of the afternoon. Of course the news media was out there flailing their arms saying how terrible things were. They were encouraging people to stay at home on Sunday morning because things were so horrible. Kitty and I ignored them and went out to breakfast. It looked like a lot of people were doing the same. There was a huge line of cars to get into the mega-church down the street, and the restaurant was packed by the time we had finished. This morning we're on a 2-hour delay, but I came in at the regular time. I was awake and ready to go. It would take me just as long (if not longer) to get to work if I left later. I would rather drive a little slower due to road conditions than go slower because I was trapped in a traffic jam.

I'm now doing my weekly snowpack update. It looks as if the storm did do a lot of good up in the mountains. Good. I would rather pre-load the snowpack early in the year just in case the snow spigot gets shut off in February and March which has been the pattern as of late. Sure, the snowpacks are well over 100% right now, but that could quickly change as the season goes on. The long-term forecasts are still predicting below average precip for the winter.
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