Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Sharp Dressed Bear

It's obvious that I am not a clothes whore. I do most of my shopping at Costco. That's not necessarily a bad thing since they carry name brands, and from what I have read in financial news, they are effecting the bottom-line at stores like Macy's. The cruise is now only 3 weeks away (*squee!*) and there will be 3 formal nights on board. I had just planned on wearing one of the 2 suits I have owned for years. I can't tell you when I bought the suits. College? *shrugs* I'm just not a suit guy. I'm a science nerd. I wear khakis and button-down shirts, but almost never anything formal. Also, New Mexico is very unpretentious. Our "dress code" is very laid back compared to someplace like New York or D.C. When I tried on my old suit jackets, however, I realized that they no longer fit me very well and the style probably quite dated. I saw that Men's Wearhouse was having a "buy one, get one free" sale, so I grabbed my fashion consultant, Kitty, and off we went.

I adopted the attitude of not caring about price. I was there to look good. I needed a new formal wardrobe, and now was the chance to do it. Fortunately, since I am a big bear, my choices were immediately limited which was not a bad thing. The selection of suits could be truly intimidating. Also very fortunately was that I was able to find a couple of very elegant jackets in a short amount of time. Then it was time to hunt for matching shirts and ties. Kitty took control as she mixed and matched like a pro. I think the sales clerk was quite amused as he and she tried all different kinds of combos. Finally that was done. I then decided to go ahead and get some new dress shoes. This was a challenge since I have huge paws. To my surprise I actually found a pair that fit. I also took advantage of their BOGOF sale and bought some shirts that were already marked down 50%. $50 shirts for $12.50! Just like Costco! In the end I dropped over $1K on clothes. Yeah. I don't think I ever did that in my entire life. They'll probably be the last suits I will buy for quite some time. You'll also just have wait until after the cruise to see pics of the new dapper bear.
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