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Movie Reviews

First I want to wish a wipeout_ut a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
*snugs da wuff*

I spent a good chunk of my 3-day weekend (eat your heart out bwaaa haa haaa) going to see some of the Oscar nominated films. I used to be a total movie junkie, but in the last few years I've kinda given it up. I've noticed, however, that our megaplex is now devoting more space to "art" films, so I may just have to start going even more. I will show my support with $$$. Maybe they'll get the hint that not everyone wants to go see "Catch that Kid."

On Sunday I went to go see "21 Grams" and "Lost in Translation." "21 Grams" was very good. It takes "Pulp Fiction's" messed up timeline and takes it to the next level. It's a collection of puzzle pieces and by the end the picture is complete. Great acting. I've heard people complain that "Lost in Translation" sucked because Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson never get together. THAT'S THE POINT! They're both happily married although going through what seems like rough spots, but they're not going to trash everything for a fling. I still don't necessarily think it's Oscar worthy, though.

Yesterday I went to go see "The Triplets of Belleville." If it wasn't up against "Finding Nemo" and "Brother Bear," I would have hoped it would win. Why couln't it have been up against the Rugrats or Jimmy Neutron? Oh well. Definitely a whack flick.

And all of those little tasks that I had hoped to get done, didn't get done. *sigh* Now I know what retired people mean when they say they're busier after they retire than while they were working.

It's my fault. I spent waaaaay too much time chatting. However, when someone has stolen your heart, it's hard to shut it off. I'll leave it at that for now.
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