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Bits -n- Pieces

My mom is in the hospital for severe pain. Preliminary tests just turn up arthritis. She's been given steroids which seemed to have cut down the pain significantly. Hopefully she'll be released today or tomorrow.

I shipped Zunipup's head back yesterday to have the headgear installed. I hope no gigs come up in the next few weeks.

Has anybody seen the GE commercial where Lassie goes Matrix on a mtn. lion? Too funny!

I was checking out lilpup's website yesterday and saw a picture from FC of my license plate. YAY! I knew that was gonna happen!

Had a good time yerfing on the phone last night with carol_kitty and tenax.

I received a nice raccoon beanie from carol_kitty as a late Valentines Day present. She's going to get raccoon snuggles from Abbey next weekend. murrrrrrrr.

I chatted with my cub for a long time last night. I'm hoping we can get together next month for some uber-happy snuggles.

I'm still trying to get emails out to swift_fox and bearknight. Geez! It's only been like a week since I started. *facepaws*

And a big hug to my sweetie, Jeff, who is such a kind, loving bear.
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