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Mom update

I yerfed with my sister for quite a long time yesterday. I told her I wasn't able to get a hold of mom the previous evening. She said she had talked to her and that everything seemed to be fine. I then had a little explaining to do as my sis had lurked my LJ and had all kinds of questions about vore and babyfur. *LOL* She's such a kind and understanding person that it was all good.

Anyway...about an hour later she calls to tell me that mom was released from the hospital and was now home. I quickly called home and found my mom sounding a whole bunch better. They put her on some sort of steroids and that seemed to do the trick with the pain. She said her mobility increased tremendously. The pain had gotten so bad that at one point she could barely stand up. So now she's back to normal. *phew*

I told her about all of the kind words that were posted on my LJ yesterday and she was very appreciative. I told her the furry community does tend to pull together very quickly when a member or the family of a member is in need. So once again, from me, thank you. *snugs*

And to those I had on chat last night, I'm sorry if I was a bit distant. I was a bit tired and slightly emotionally drained. *hugs*
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