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The poll thingy

I decided to try this poll thingy to see how it worked. I have been debating about which fursuit to bring to AC for some time now. I thought I would get input from you, my adoring public. *chuckles* I know I have pix of all 4 suits on LJ somewhere. Zunipup was in the 1/31/04 post, and the other 3 were photographed together during the Twinkle Light Parade in the 11/30/03 post. So tell me what you think!

I usually wear a t-shirt to work on Fridays. Our office is casual to begin with, but I like to get even more casual on Fridays. I knew I had to wear a furry themed shirt, so today I opted for my "Circles" shirt that I picked up at FC. It makes me feel outed to the office, even though nobody has a clue what "Circles" is. *shrugs* My little poke at the system.

Oh! And in an interesting development, the county adjacent to Bernalillo Co (which contains ABQ) has announced that there is nothing on the books that prevents same-sex marriages! Woo-hoo! Let's see how ugly this gets in this overly-religious state.

Poll #251608 AC Fursuit

Which fursuit should I bring to AC (if I can only bring one)

Sabot (brown bear)
Nevada (polar bear)
Abbey (raccoon)
Zunipup (golden retriever)
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