Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Oscar-nominated Animated Shorts

Just in time for the Oscars tonight, Kitty and I hit the theater to see this years animated short nominations.

"Feral" - An artsy fartsy entry from the US about a child who is found in the wild, but goes back. There's some implied transformation, but it just didn't float my furry boat.

"Get a Horse" - An entry from Disney that breaks down a fictitious 3rd wall between an old b+w "Steamboat Willy" era mickey film and a colorized 3D modern world. Technically it might be awesome, but to me it was just another cartoon.

"Mr Hublot" - A very steampunky film with robotic people and animals. While not my favorite, if there is going to be a winner, it could very well be this one. My favorite was perhaps a bit too "mainstream."

"Possessions" - A Japanese film and therefore pretty messed up. *lol* A tinker spends a night in an old temple and has visit from spirits. Pretty to look at, but not all that interesting to me.

"Room on the Broom" - This would be my pick for the best film, but it might be too "commercial." It's from the same folk who gave us the "Gruffalo" movies from years past. It has lots of funny animals, so it gets furry points. There are also lots of celebrity voice talents as well.

Honorable Mentions included "A La Francaise" which was a very furry (feathery) movie about 18th century France...done with chickens. "The Blue Umbrella" was a Pixar short which I had seen somewhere before. It was probably an extra feature on one of their recent dvd's. Finally there was "The Missing Scarf" which was also very furry as a squirrel looks for his missing scarf and runs into his forest friends. It's narrated by George Takei and has a very bizarre ending.

I'll let you look up the various films on YouTube. Unlike previous years I haven't found full-length versions on the films online, but I'm sure they're out there somewhere! And to watch the Oscars!
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