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Taking another step

Thank you to all that replied to yesterday's post. I was just going to write a blanket "thank you," but decided to go back and write individual notes.

So after typing my LJ which was a wonderful cathartic experience, I had an awesome conversation with berin. He is such a soul brother to me. We must have chatted for close to 2 hours. I then decided to take the plunge and went out to meet some new people.

A few months ago I decided to do a search on all LJ users in ABQ. I thought it would be interesting to see who all was out there and possibly find a closet furry. I had read thrashbear's post about 2 Colorado fur groups that existed in almost complete ignorance of each other. Anyway...I'm scanning icons and pulling up posts from people with furry or furry themed icons. Most are just angsty teens with cute icons. I did find one, however, where the profile caught my eye. Hmmmm. Likes RPG's, dragons, sci-fi. She also sounded like a very intelligent person. So I added her to my friends list. I finally introduced myself to her in a reply to one of her posts. After another post she invited me to join in the Albuquerque gamers meet. Now, I am not a gamer, but after hanging around the likes of tenax and furrysparkles, I am being slowly indoctrinated into the gaming world.

So I took a deep breath and headed out into unknown territory. It was a great decision. I met up with echoweaver at the gaming store on the far east end of town. I was immediately welcomed into their small circle which included her husband and 2 others(I'm sooo bad with names). They taught me how to play Fluxx and Munchkin. I see why Sparki likes that game so much. It was a riot. So anyway....I broadened my horizons. I went out and made some friends. Woo hoo! I'll have to ask her to the next furmeet. With all of the gamers in the group, it should be a good time.
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