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It's over. My major meeting of the year is behind me. *phew* The states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas bought off on my numbers for last year's water deliveries, so all that remains is to get the report published. On the day of the meeting, my counterpart from El Paso found a slight discrepancy in my numbers. I had put a rainfall event as 0.04" when it should have been 0.40". It made a slight difference. I had a scare when they found significant differences between what I had used for a dam release and what was reported by the Geological Survey. It turns out that the USGS made significant revisions to their numbers. Rather than take me for task for using provisional numbers, they raked the USGS over the coals for making such dramatic changes to their data. I just sat back and watched the fur fly.

After the meetings, I stopped off at Costco, went home, walked Anubis, and then headed off to the Flying Star restaurant to meet up with tenax. After dinner we walked across the street to a small independent theater and saw Bruce Campbell in "Bubba-Ho-Tep." Yes, Bruce plays Elvis, who is in a nursing home and fights an ancient Egyptian mummy who sucks souls out of people's assholes. It was fun, campy, goodness. After the movie we headed back to the restaurant for dessert. Mmmmmm. Good stuff.

So I'm sorry if I haven't been online as much lately. Sometimes I need to prove to myself that I can go for a period of time without a drink or I can be away from the computer. Even tonight I won't be on until late because I have a meeting at the Humane Association. I will join the Outreach Team. This is the group that goes out and promotes the association at various events. Of course, I would be in fursuit! Yay!

Once again, I love you all. *HUGS*
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