Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Welcome to Costco, Mom. I love you.

I took Mom out for a late Mother's Day dinner yesterday. I didn't want to fight the crowds of other people taking their mothers out on Sunday (especially after driving 10 hours). On the way home we found ourselves going right past a new Costco which had just opened a few miles from Mom's house. We had planned on going some time this week, but since we were right there...why not stop now? Mom told me that she had no desire to buy anything since everything was sold in such large quantities. How much could one little old lady use?!? Ooooo! Vitamins are so cheap! *get* Ooooo! Cheerios are so cheap! *buy* *LOL* That was about it. She came. She saw. She realized that a membership would not be worth it for the few things she could buy in bulk. Oh well. She got to experience something new. I was happy because I also found a new place to get gas. Most places around Mom's house were selling gas for about $4/gal. Costco? $3.60.
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