Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Marathon Drive

I'm sitting in Liberal, KS (THAT'S an oxymoron! *lol*) enjoying a nice small-batch rye whiskey after a 12-hour drive. I think I put in close to 700 miles today while crossing both MO and KS. The nice part of it all was that I largely stuck to a non-Interstate route which was much more relaxing. There is nothing better than cresting a hill on a 2-lane highway and not seeing another vehicle all the way to the horizon! I also had one of my classic roadtrip moments. I was in the western KS hill country listening to an interview with David Crosby while he also played some of his tunes, old and new. I could see for miles in all directions and I had the highway all to myself. It was such a peaceful zen moment. The last one I had was on my great Rainfurest roadtrip where XM Deep Tracks was playing a set of desperado tunes while I sailed across the dark Nevada desert. Hopefully I'll be back at Fur Central tomorrow!
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