Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Back Home

It was a relatively short drive (6-7 hours) from Liberal to ABQ. I made a brief stop to meet up with my sis for an hour or so as well as doing a little trainspotting at some of the grain elevators along the way (that's where all of the cool, old units like GP-9's go to hang out). I'm sorry I didn't get a pic of some graffiti on a box car of Bugs Bunny with what looked like a baby bottle in his paw. It could have been a can of spray paint, but I would rather think that there is a babyfur tagger out there. *lol*

I came home to find a full-blown infestation of grasshoppers/locusts taking over the area. That's a new one! I have never seen so many of the hopping bastards in my 15 years here. They must be feeding the reptiles in the area as well because I found the largest lizard I have ever seen here. It wasn't as big as a chuckwalla (found near Yuma) but still pretty darn big. Judging from the missing tail, I'd have to say that the cats had found it first. So now I have a full 5 days at home before we hit the rails and head off to SoCal to hang out with Al and Dex (and attend Califur).
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