Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Loose Ends

Just a couple of things related to past posts.

I identified the lizard I wrote about a few days ago as a Great Plains Skink. I found it amusing that it states "When captured it does not hesitate to bite." How true! The little bugger tried to clamp down on my finger. I quickly flipped him over on his back and gave him a belly rub. That calmed him down. I had a landscaper over yesterday to give me an estimate on re-doing the backyard. He asked if I had snakes in the yard because he saw what looked like a chopped up snake. It was just the skink's tail that the cats had forced him to drop.

The other interesting thing I discovered yesterday was that I confirmed I had driven through an area hit by a tornado during my roadtrip last weekend. Something didn't look right as I drove through the little town of Baxter Springs, KS. Everything was fine until I hit an area of the town where there was lots of construction going on. There was a swath of destruction and then everything was fine again. I thought perhaps it was related to the massive tornado that ripped through Joplin 3 years ago tomorrow. It turns out that the damage I saw was from a tornado that hit less than a month ago! Talk about Tornado Alley!
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