Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Con Plans

I finished my chores last night and went to go sit outside to enjoy the evening. My mind started wandering to Califur next week when I suddenly remembered that the room block for FC opened a couple of hours earlier. Crap! I ran to the computer and saw that the Marriott doubles had already sold out. Oh well. I'm ready to give the Hitlon another chance. There are pros and cons to both hotels. At least I'll be making a return to FC after my one year hiatus.

I figured that while I was at the computer I might as well book a room for Rainfurest. Ooops. I had waited too long. The hotel was sold out. Hmmmm. Perhaps I could get into the Marriott across the street. If I remembered correctly it was almost closer to the convention center than some rooms in the con hotel. Hmmmm. $169/night. Nah. Not worth it. I'll do something else with my vacation time.

The whole con scene has changed so much over the past 10 years. There used to be just a handful of cons so those few were THE events to go to. Now it seems like there's a con somewhere every other weekend. Then there's that pesky greymuzzle syndrome. There are fewer and fewer of us around. The cons are playgrounds for teens and tweens. Hanging around a bunch of tards with limited social skills just isn't all that fun any more. I still enjoy the whole idea/vibe/whatever, but I would rather have fewer more awesome experiences than a whole bunch of watered-down fun.
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