Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


We had a very monsoon-like storm hit ABQ today. I know they have been predicting an above-average chance of a good rainy season, and if today was a harbinger of things to come...I'll start building the ark. Fortunately the office boss gave us an hour off today in preparation for the Memorial Day weekend. I got home just in time before the skies opened up in a great deluge. I had thought about taking Mesa for his walkies, but when I saw that the Weather Service just issued a severe thunderstorm warning, I decided to wait a bit. Good move! The skies opened up in a great torrent of rain and hail. I put a 5-gallon bucket under the patio cover downspout and it filled in a matter of seconds. I then threw a 25-gallon garbage can under it and it filled in just a couple of minutes. The yard began to fill with water. Soon I noticed that the gully in back of the house began to flow. I had dug a channel last year to funnel the water into the street instead of into my backyard. Was it holding?!? I ran back to check it out. Yes! It was working, but it was starting to breach! I began shoveling dirt into the low spot with my bear (bare) paws. Success! *FLASH* *BOOM!* Crap! I ran for cover. Soon it was over. It was an intense storm and one I have not experienced as early as May. According to my rain gauge I picked up 0.74" in under an hour. Whoot! I love storms like this (especially when I can come through relatively unscathed)
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