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Once again I wasn't online at all last night. I was frantically trying to clean my den in preparation for the arrival of carol_kitty who will be flying in from LA to spend the weekend with me. I hope to show her around Santa Fe where she will be (maybe) performing with the Santa Fe Opera this Summer. So I was running around doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming all of the cat fur and dog hair, etc etc etc. I had the t.v. on as background noise. I started off watching "Die Hard" on FX (?). I switched over to PBS and they were showing a documentary on "Frontline" about the war in Iraq. I immediately became engrossed in it and watched until it ended at 11. It covered the entire timeline from the start of the war to the taking of Baghdad. It was told from all viewpoints; from the American officers, the press, Iraqi officers, Iraqi civilians, and Washington insiders. It was incredible.

There were many episodes that reminded me of WWII stories. An Iraqi general was all set and waiting s. of Baghdad for the Americans bearing down on him. He got a message from Saddam to pull out and guard the north. He reluctantly agreed. It sounded like something Hitler would have done at Nomandy. The Americans advanced and Saddam realized that he screwed up. He ordered his troops back where they run head-on into the advancing Americans. The result was total annihilation.

The US forces took over Baghdad airport in the cover of darkness. At sunrise they woke up to find themselves FTF with the Iraqis who are also just waking up. There was a major "Oh shit!" moment and they begin blasting away at each other.

When the Americans advanced into Baghdad, they essentially just rolled up the freeway. There were people going to work not realizing WTH was happening. Many either got shot or crushed by the advancing army.

Our precision attack on Saddam in one neighborhood ended up being a "blow the shit out of the entire block." In a very Tom Clancey moment, people in D.C. were watching the bombing in realtime, complete with bodies being flung into the air by the explosion.

Donald Rumsfeld scared the shit out of me. He basically just lied and told the people what they wanted to hear. One general foresaw the need for a strong after-war force to maintain order. His plan was shot down. And now we're in the situation we are because of it.

It was a great show. I hope they rebroadcast it soon.

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