Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Vegas Hotels...Success!

Kitty and I resumed our search for a Vegas hotel once more last night. I decided to do a "bottom up" approach to pricing as opposed to "top down." I found some pretty good deals at some of the big-name places like Luxor, Bally's, Paris, etc. I worked around the bed situation by only looking at offers which specifically said, "two queen beds" as opposed to the vague "two queens/1 king." I read several comments from people about showing up with 4 people expecting 2 beds and later finding only 1 bed. While this would be optimal in some scenarios *wink wink* it would not be in ours. A new issue then reared its head; smoking vs non-smoking rooms. Once again, you could state your preference, but there was no guarantee. Ick! I did not want to spend 3 days in a smoking room!

Yet another issue was trying to wade through the jargon of each hotel. What's the difference between a deluxe room, a super deluxe room, or an ultra deluxe room? Sometimes it said, sometimes it didn't. How does one hotel's super deluxe compare to another's ultra deluxe? I did get a good laugh at the list of amenities provided. It was the hotel version of padding a resume. Oh look! This room has a phone! And air conditioning! And soap in the bathroom! WOW! I'm livin' large!

I was about to just give up and book a room at Planet Hollywood which supposedly had the best buffet on the Strip. It's Vegas! I'll roll the dice and see if we eventually end up with a non-smoking room with 2 queen beds. Suddenly Kitty found a gem! There is a nice Hilton at the north end of the Strip with no casino. All the rooms are non-smoking, and for what I was about to pay at P.H. we got a 2 KING bed SUITE! We were so happy to have found this! We booked it immediately! So now we're all set. If we need cheap buffet food, Circus Circus is right next door. If we want to get to the southern end of the Strip, the monorail is about a block away. So whoot! I'm so looking forward to a nice relaxing few days with my favorite people in the world!
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