Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

AlbuFURque XII

Saturday was the 12th edition of New Mexico's largest furmeet! Attendance was down a little bit this year from previous years, 50+ instead of 70+, but it seemed to be right-sized. It's amazing how quickly the fur scene is growing. We had some yungins show up, which we later learned were only in high school, with one of them already building fursuits. They had to leave when they posted to social media and mommy found out they were hanging around with freaks. *lol* Not much was different than previous meets. There was a ton of food. There was much drinking. There was fursuiting after the sun went behind the mesa. Our local furtard ran around in his "banana hammock" until he was told to put some pants on. There was much socialization which brought a smile to my muzzle. I love to just hang out in a corner somewhere and watch all the smiling faces and hear all of the laughter. My only complaint this year would be the addition of water balloons. They're fun for all, except for the poor schmuck (me!) who gets to clean up the aftermath the next morning.
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