Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Collective Soul

After our fun at the comic book convention, Kitty and I had dinner and a concert at a local Indian casino. The headline act was Collective Soul. They are a band that you know the songs, but you might not know who sang them. I bought 4 of their cd's back in the 90's and even then I said "Oh! I didn't know they did THAT song!" They were one of the premier pop/rock bands of the era with 4 Top 20 singles. We knew they were coming to town, but I was pretty "meh" about going. Kitty went ahead and bought tickets, so we went. It was a darn good show. While they were playing one of their new songs it occurred to me that they are the perfect pop/rock band. They know how to write songs with the right hooks. There's nothing terribly distinctive about them which I why I consider them the best band you never knew. They sing catchy tunes where you probably know the lyrics, but not the song's title. I could give you the title, and you would probably go, "Huh?" But if I hummed it or sang the refrain you would go, "OH! That song! I love that song!" So overall it was a good show. They delivered.

The opening band was Dishwalla who were one-hit wonders of the time. Once again I could say "Counting Blue Cars" and you would probably give me a confused puppy look. I would then sing, "Tell me all your thoughts on god..." and you would go "Oh! I remember that song!" It was one of the great rock/pop anthems of the early 90's. I bought their hit cd at the time only because it was in the bargain bin on Columbia House. Their set was only 30 minutes long. I couldn't get terribly excited for them since the lead singer had been replaced a few years ago. Oh well. They were adequate. The best part was that we had a nice data night out of the house.
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