Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


Yowza! We had another great blast of rain tonight. The weather certainly had me fooled! I had been following the radar all afternoon, and it appeared as though ABQ would not experience any significant rainfall. I even watered the garden because the soil seemed a bit dry when I was pulling weeds. We had just settled down to dinner when there was a loud clap of thunder. Both Kitty and I looked at each other because neither of us was sure if it was real or on tv. I went out onto the patio to see that all hell had broken loose. The rain was coming down in sheets including bean-sized hail. I quickly ran upstairs to record the YTD rainfall number as well as check out the latest radar image. There was nothing but red covering our area with lots more "upstream." I ran outside to check the gully in back of the house and was chagrined to see it flowing. Fortunately most was heading towards my neighbor's house. I quickly threw my 25-gal bucket under the downspout from the patio cover. It filled in less than 5 minutes. According to the rain gauge, the storm produced 1.04" or about 12% of the year's total in about an hour.
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