Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Livin' in Luxury

Kitty, Al, Dex, and I arrived in Las Vegas yesterday. You might remember the drama that happened a few months ago in trying to secure a decent room in Vegas without getting raped with add-on fees as well as actually getting the room you wanted/booked i.e. 2 beds in a non-smoking room. We finally settled on the Hilton Resort on the Strip. I'd say it was a great move. The "room" is actually 3 rooms (think your standard con hotel room. On each end is a king bed room with its own bath. In the middle there is a fully-stocked kitchen and living room. In each room there is a flat-screen t.v. Our view is the infamous, never-finished Fontainebleau Resort which might become the world's first 3 BILLION dollar tear-down. We had dinner at the Paris Casino's buffet. Then it was time for a walk down the Strip. The sidewalk was full of breakdancers, showgirls, and Minions, all begging for tips. Maybe Nevada needs to go out there and give it away for free.
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