Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


No, there's nothing wrong with the trip to Vegas. Everything is hunkey dorey. We spent the morning at Hoover Dam. Of course I had been there several times since I worked in the region for 6 years, but none of the rest of our merry band had been there. Of course security sucks after 9/11 and the "hard hat tour" is no longer offered, but everyone had a grand time at one of our nation's premiere feats of engineering. Unfortunately it was also 101 degrees at the dam, and no one felt like walking across the new bridge. Fortunately I had already done that in 2013. It was then back to the hotel room for some chillin' (literally and figuratively). It was then off to the Rio Casino for a buffet dinner. I liked it, the others thought it was rather "meh." We then hung around the casino for an hour or so before the main event of the evening; Penn & Teller! As we were walking down the Strip the day before, Al had mentioned that it would be cool to see the magical comedy duo when Kitty and I asked if anyone was interested in a show. We just happened to be walking past the discount ticket office at the time, so I picked up tickets for everyone. The show was fun as you would expect. There was lots of good magic/illusion with a healthy dose of humor and political commentary.
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