Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

No Squealin' Like a Pig

Rats! Today was supposed to be a rafting trip down the Rio Chama, but Mother Nature had other plans. Normally the monsoon means that storms build during the heat of the day and then dump on us in the late afternoon/early evening. What we have going on today is a nice low pressure system passing over the state, pulling monsoon moisture (including some from TS Lowell) north up the Rio Grande Valley. The result has been a soggy morning of nice steady rain. Yay for that. Boo for having the rafting trip rained out. We drove to the meeting point and decided to bag the day. I was grateful because I had only brought shorts and a t-shirt and was soon shivering in the cold rain. Temps were only in the 50's, almost unheard of in August even at that elevation. On previous trips if you got wet, the Sun would dry you out in no time. It would also be in the 80's. So now I'm back at work, safe from hypothermia.

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