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Weekend with the Kitty

I'm having a wonderful time entertaining carol_kitty on her trip to NM. I picked her up at the airport on Fri. night. After getting settled at my den we headed off to Garduno's Mexican restaurant. If you come to visit me, you will either be taken to Garduno's or Sadie's. Both are local favorites and very good. It being a Fri. night, the place was packed. We went to the bar and had a drink. We yerfed for about an hour before we were finally called. By the time we ate, it was almost 10. With full bellies, we crashed immediately upon returning to the bear den.

One thing Carol had wanted to see was snow. I was thinking about places nearby where I could take her. Well, it turned out I just had to take her into my back yard. During the night we got about 2". So in the morning we went out in the yard with Abubis and threw snowballs at each other. Well, Anubis didn't throw any, but he enjoyed chasing and eating them. Carol also got to see a northern harrier swoop down and fly away with one of the pigeons I had shot last week. I'm glad I'm attracting raptors. Maybe they can keep the pigeons away naturally.

Carol had a phobia about raccoons. When she was young, a raccoon got into her house and ended up in her bedroom. I wanted to help her get over her fear, so I dressed her up in Abbey. She looked so kyoote! I just had to put on Nevada and much fursuit snuggling ensued. We will be on the next installment of MTV's Sex2K. *giggles*

Sometime in the mid afternoon, tenax called to say that he wouldn't be coming up to ABQ. Carol grabbed the phone and demanded that he get up here. An hour later there was a knock at the door and in walked Tenax as well as Bob and Ivory. The three dogs and the three humans then went for a nice walk up on the mesa. Upon returning I began to prepare a lasagna from scratch while Tenax and Carol yerfed in the dining area. Soon furrysparkles showed up. I just kept cooking away while the others yerfed. Soon all but Sparki were enjoying salad, garlic bread, lasagna and a nice merlot. The party broke up not too long after dinner was finished. After the dishes were put in the dishwasher, Carol and I retreated to the sofa where we listened to Dave Brubeck, drank a very nice pinot grigio, and yerfed for a few hours.

During our walk I had told Carol that I frequently saw coyotes up on the mesa. She said that would love to see or hear coyotes. Well, this morning at around 6 a.m. I heard yipping VERY close by. Anubis and Skookum started growling loudly. The neighbor dogs went nuts. We ran to the window and there right in back of my fence were three coyotes sniffing around. Carol was amazed! One eventually found another one of my dead pigeons, grabbed it, and ran off with it.

So now we're planning to head up to Santa Fe so Carol can get a sense of the place where she will spending the Summer.
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