Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


The wedding plans are falling into place. We now have a venue for the reception. The original plan was to just have a big party at Fur Central, but after Al & Dex's wedding, folks started coming out of the woodwork wanting to attend our ceremony as well. While the house could accommodate up to 80 people as was demonstrated during our biggest AlbuFURque, that would require the full use of the yard. That works just fine in June, but not necessarily in November. So we decided to rent out a ballroom at the Crowne Plaza. Our contact person has been great to work with. Since we have an odd date scheduled (Nov 28 aka Black Friday), the hotel was eager for our business.

So right now the plan is to have Furry Thanksgiving at Fur Central with the wedding and reception to follow on Friday. If you'd like to attend, drop me a lion. While we don't have a room block per se they have offered us a discount rate at the hotel for our guests. They also gave us a free room for that night which could get upgraded to a suite if no one books it. Either way we hope to have some sort of dead dog party that Friday evening at the hotel.
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