Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Taste of New Mexico

Kitty and I (and several friends) had a food tasting at the hotel where we will be holding our wedding reception next month. We had opted for the New Mexico buffet package, and they offered us a chance to sample the cuisine. I had my doubts about the package because there are so many ways to screw up Mexican/New Mexican food. I had visions of an upscale Taco Bell luncheon. Happily I can say that it was probably some of the best Mexican food I have had while living in ABQ. We had wanted something authentic that would give our out-of-town guests a real flavor for our local cuisine. I think that they shall be very pleased. I was even worrying that the food would be "dialed down" and bland, but everything had a lot of flavor and quite a bit of kick. I'm now worrying that it might be even a bit TOO authentic for folks like my mom. *shrugs* I'm sure it will be fine. Everything seems to be falling into place. We also took our rings in to be re-sized today. About the only loose end is having a photographer at the reception. I had a feeling that it would be an ass-raping-without-lube experience, and Kitty has found that to be the case. I'm tempted to just buy a dozen cheap digital cameras and pass them out to folks to have them capture candid pictures throughout the event.
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