Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Potpourri for 200, Alex

Life has just been chugging along. Here are a few tidbits.

The mesa is now energized. That means that the street lights now work. That means that I have a nice new street light shining into the bedroom. Time to put on the pink bunny suit and get out the Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.

The kittens are getting big. I have been letting them explore the yard for a few hours every day. I have even seen them on the other side of the wall, up on the mesa. Am I worried? Nah. They have to explore on their own. Besides, I just have to shake a Tender Vittles bag and say "Treat!" and they come running.

I had my annual evaluation yesterday. I'm doing just fine at work. I celebrated by going back to my desk and spacing out.

I interviewed for a promotion last week. Let's see if I get it. If not, I'm officially done. My motivation gets set to the lowest level and I will stare at a calendar for the next 2 years, hoping for an offer of early retirement.

I was talking with a co-worker yesterday about this whole ebola bullshit. He actually thought it could be spread like the flu. I told him it was more closely related to AIDS than flu. No wonder there is so much "panic" out there. I suppose it doesn't help that either HBO or Starz is showing "28 Days Later" this month. Ooooo! I hope they have an "Outbreak"/"Contagion"/"World War Z" marathon next month. Maybe throw in "The Andromeda Strain" for some old skool goodness.

I am still partially "on the wagon." I have been exploring moderately-priced pinot noirs. I'm really enjoying flavorful, full-bodied red wines. I'm also finding that I can't really drink more than 2 glasses. It's like the difference between downing a 6-pack of Pabst and a 6-pack of some good microbrew. Pabst is easy. A good stout or IPA, not so much. You tend to savor the good stuff more. I haven't had any hard liquor in almost a month. I am looking forward to enjoying some good bourbon at the wedding.
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