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Wow. I haven't updated this thing in almost 2 weeks! What's wrong with me?!? Here's the quick lowdown.

Fursuit bowling last Saturday. I forgot how much fun that could be. We had a pretty decent turnout as well.

I just spent 2 days fursuiting for work as Otto Otter. I had a good time with the kiddos.

I didn't get the promotion at work. It looks like I'm heading down the retirement-in-place road. I'm praying for an early-out option in 2016.

My boss will soon be off for a hiking adventure in the Andes. I'm seriously hoping for an avalanche, llama attack, volcanic eruption, communist insurgency, SOMETHING!

"Frontline" is becoming my favorite t.v. show on Tuesday nights. They just did a 2-episode documentary about Iraq and ISIS. Holy shit. The stuff they don't show on "the news" is frightening. I never thought it was much of a threat, but some of the atrocities taking place today harkened back to 1938 Europe.

I just finished Book 5 of "Game of Thrones." I'm now at least one, possibly 2, seasons ahead of the t.v. show. I might have to go up to Santa Fe and kick George Martin in the ass to get him to finish Book 6. Gah! I'm a Thronie!

Only 1 month until the wedding! Marriage license was obtained last week.

I voted early yesterday. I gave some votes to the Douche Party and some to the Turd Sandwich Party.

A quick mesa update. At least 2 other properties are being prepped to houses, bringing the total to 3. No framing yet. I also noticed that they bulldozed up about 50 feet of sidewalk yesterday. WTF Are they doing?!? Doesn't laying concrete cost money? I wish I had money to put something in and tear it out a few months later.

I'm also glad to see old faces pop back onto LJ. I'm trying to do the Facebook thing, but I'm just not loving it. Looks like I'll be here until they shut off the lights.
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