Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

On The Road

I'm typing this from Hannibal, MO. I have made the trip from ABQ to CHI many many times, and it can be done in 2 long days. I decided to take my time and do it in 3. I have been favoring non-Interstate routes because even though they are a little slower, they tend to be much less stressful. I made it to Dodge City, KS the 1st day. I could have done another hour, but that would have put me in the middle of nowhere. The next city would have been Great Bend, but all of the reviews for the few motels there were mostly negative. Had it not been winter (where it gets dark at about 5) Salina, KS would be a good halfway point. I was going to stop in Chillicothe, MO today, but it was way too early. I then had a delusion of grandeur of pushing right on to Chicago. Then the sun set. Then the fog rolled in. Then the temperature started to hover just above freezing. Nah. Not worth it. So here I sit in a nice warm motel room with a cold beer in my paw. I brought Mesa with me so I have a traveling companion. Well, he mostly sleeps on the back seat. He does give me an excuse to stop every few hours, however, to get out and take a walk. So I'll be in Chicago tomorrow sometime. I'll be there for a few weeks taking care of mom. The plan is to be back in ABQ in time for New Years. Then it will be off to FC! No. I will not be at a certain con that shall not be named. It's not worth my time even as a ghost.

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