Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Safe at Home

I made it to Chicago right around noon today. As it turned out, Hannibal was perfect for a 3-day trip. Unfortunately the weather was utter shit. It was pissing down rain all the way to Bloomington. The silver lining was that it was rain and not snow. I don't think I have seen the Sun for the entire trip.

I paid a visit to Mom today. She's doing fine. She looks good. The pain has diminished greatly. The nurse came to give her her PT and she didn't want any pain killers. She's a tough ol' Pollack. I hit up Costco on the way home and got food for the next week. It's going to really suck being away from my Kitty especially during Xmas, but I gots to do my son-ly duty. I'll probably bring Mesa to the rehab facility tomorrow. They said that pets are allowed and mom's roommate is an animal lover. Maybe I can spread some furry animal cheer.
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