Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Walking Mesa

There certainly is a big difference in the ease of taking Mesa for his walkies between ABQ and Chicago. It's still pretty easy allowing Mesa off-leash on the mesa in back of Fur Central. It's not so easy in the more urban environment of mom's place. I thought I had the solution by taking him to a local forest preserve. He ran off into the woods the other day to chase a squirrel, however, and I had no idea where he went. There were 2 major streets not too far away and I had horrible visions of him darting into traffic, oblivious to everything, as he chased something. I then moved further into the woods which put my mind at ease. The only problem with our forest preserves is that I have a feeling is that they are cruising areas for perverts. You gotta wonder what's going on when you see a bunch of old creepy guys sitting alone in their cars in the middle of a forest in the middle of the day. I then found a mostly-abandoned rail line with pretty easy access. So far that has worked pretty well. I have also been taking him to a Little League field a couple of blocks from home after dark. They have the entire area fenced off, but I managed to find a gate that was "dummy locked" so we have open access to the entire area. I don't mind if Mesa drops a dooker in center field because that park was always run by Little League douches who had the attitude that if you didn't play baseball you weren't worth shit. It's my little rage against the machine even after 40 years. *LOL*
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