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Santa Fe

After I typed yesterday's entry, carol_kitty and I did make the drive up to Santa Fe. It was a very beautiful drive as big curtains of snow were falling all around us. The mountains were pretty much obscured by blankets of snow clouds. We got to town right at lunch time, so I took her to another one of my local favorites, "The Blue Corn Restaurant and Brew Pub." After lunch we strolled around the town plaza. I then drove her up to the opera house where she will be performing this Summer. Judging from her first impression, it sounds like she will enjoy NM. I took the back road back to ABQ to give her another view of the scenery. We hit a few snow showers on the way back.

Upon arrival in ABQ I took Carol to Petsmart to buy her a nice collar with a kitty bell. I also bought Skookum a catnip toy. Yay! Stoned kitty! We were both still stuffed from lunch and extremely tired, so we decided to just sit on the couch, drink wine, and watch the Oscars. During the commercials I ran to the computer to read LJ and make my brief posts. This morning I put Carol on the plane back to LA. So tonight I will probably be back to my old chat slutty ways.
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