Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


When you hear the word "crave" in Chicago you immediately think of White Castle. Thank you. I have already had my slider fix. I tend to listen to my food cravings because I feel it's my body's feedback telling me I need something. A few months ago I ate beef for dinner for almost an entire week. When I did my usual Carl's Jr run on Friday, all I wanted was a chicken sandwich. A few weeks later the entire thing was reversed. I ate chicken all week and craved a big juicy burger on Friday. My entire food schedule has been thrown off as of late. I have been eating a lot of prepared foods from Costco. Normally I have a sandwich for lunch that is loaded with veggies. I haven't had that in almost 2 weeks. My body told me that it was time for a monster salad. So I stopped at the market and bought a whole bunch of veggies. Ah. It was exactly what I needed. The bear became a bunny (which has happened many times in the past).
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