Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Very Good Day

Everything seemed to click today. For one thing, the sun came out! It certainly raised my spirits. Then I decided to clean the house in anticipation of Mom coming home today. Unfortunately the vacuum cleaner had no suction and the roller brush wasn't spinning. I soon diagnosed the problems as a full bag and a broken belt. I was just about to order the parts online when I thought I would try the new local mega-Walmart. Score! They had both! Soon the Hoover was sucking like a twink at a furcon. I picked up Mom from the rehab facility and got her safe and sound back home. A little while later her Christmas gift from me arrived. I had ordered her a new LG tablet so now she has interwebs and email. I gave her a quick lesson and she seemed to take to it pretty well. Finally for dinner I pigged out on fresh Polish sausage and mushroom pierogi. So now I'm sitting back with a bourbon in my paw knowing that life will soon be returning to normal (for everyone). I would be very content to consider today as my Christmas present.
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