Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Ready To Head Home

I'll be hitting the road back to ABQ tomorrow. To use an old movie quote, "My work here is done." Everything is up to Mom now. She has to take care of herself. My sister and I have done all we could to keep her from going up and down the stairs. My sister had the town help in putting up extra railings so if she's determined to go into the basement for whatever, there is extra security. Today I moved the mailbox from the side of the house to right by the front door. All she has to do is open the door and the mail will be at her fingertips. She told me that the only reason that the mailbox was where it was was because the grumpy mailman 40 years ago didn't like walking up and down our steps. Tough shit, Sherlock. I walked around the block and noticed that 80% of the mailboxes are at the top of some stairs.

I must say that all of the things I've heard about the difficulties involved with taking care of an elderly parent are all true. It's like dealing with a teenager in reverse. As a teenager you're constantly testing the boundaries to see how much freedom and independence you're being allowed. With an elderly parent you're also seeing how much freedom and independence they should have taken away for their own good. So Mom can still go shopping, but she has to have someone go with her. She can still drive, but only to church on Sunday. She has been warned that she can push herself as much as she wants, but if she hurts herself again, the choice will be made that she will go to an assisted living facility. She's a tough old lady who will hopefully live a longer life if she doesn't push herself too far.

How have I fared myself over these past 3+ weeks? OK. I had my Interwebs. I had Mesa to look after. I had things to do around the house. I've had the daily trips to visit Mom. Time flew by. On the other paw I have probably also downed a gallon of bourbon during this time. There is a hell of a lot of stress involved in dealing with the problems and drama of other people. I want to be selfish and worry about ME for a change.
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