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The Furry Commune

I told wipeout_ut that I would give him some credit for this post since he mentioned the idea before I could get it down. The idea is by no means a new one. It gets brought after every con when everyone is full of furry love. Why can't the con go on 24/7/365? Someone should start a furry commune. Well, I have been thinking about that a lot lately. It ties in with the other posts I have been making about the pros and cons of loving just one or loving many. I had started thinking about having a place where furs could find a refuge, either temporarily or on a more permanent basis. The idea of being a patriarchal figure is a very nice one. There may be something to this in the fact that a couple of other dear friends have asked me to be their papa bear. Not in the babyfur sense, just in the sense of being there to offer love and advice in an unconditional fashion like a daddy bear would give to his cub (yes, I know in the wild a male bear mates and then takes off).

The idea may one day come to pass. I will discuss the concept with overzen when he moves is later this year. I'll see how I can cope living with another after 13 years of solitude. At least our eyes are open to the potential problems and will work to head them off at the pass before they arise. I also know that the furry commune idea has been tried many times in the past with various degrees of angst and drama resulting. It's a sad and unfortunate fact that many furs have a lot of personal baggage that could make living in a communal setting something of a challenge (was that an understatement?) It seems that money is a frequent issue. That wouldn't be a particular problem since I'm already fully responsible for the mortgage as it is. I guess as long as everyone would respect the rights of the others, most problems could be averted. As long as everyone pulled their own weight, the idea might work. It's just a thought. A nice idea. I'll keep it floating around my head.
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