Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours


Yesterday I booked a vacation to Hawaii for myself, Kitty, Scritchwuff, Dex Fox, and Al Bear! I did a cost estimate by myself over the weekend based on an itinerary worked up by a travel agent at AAA who handled our Panama cruise, and my costs were right in line with hers, only she was able to get us into nicer hotels for the same price. It's a pain in the ass to plan a trip for 5 people because hotels are douches and can't confirm 3 queen beds or a king and 2 queens. It's the same shit I had to deal with in Vegas last year where 4 people might end up in a single king bed because they couldn't guarantee 2 queens (unless you ponied up more money). But I worked out the details with the travel agent and we're all set to go. We'll be visiting 3 islands over 2 weeks. I might even bring Squawky Parrot (a cheap costume shop suit) and do a little suiting.

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