Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Supa Bo

Well! That certainly was one hell of a game! We hosted a party at Fur Central and everything went great. I cooked up a big crock pot of green chile stew and kept the oven cranking out Costco chicken wings. I also managed to watch most of the game (and commercials). I see by comments on my Friends' page that there were others fapping to the shark costumes during Katy Perry's halftime show. *lol* Furries ruin everything! I guess I was also the only one to have watched "The Interview" because no one got my joke that Kim Jong Un was probably dancing around his mansion during halftime (NOTE: It was a REALLY bad movie). I see by comments on teh Interwebs that many others were thinking "The More You Know" as Katy soared above the stadium on her shooting star. It's too bad that GoDaddy pulled their ad because it would have worked perfectly against the sickeningly sweet Budweiser puppy ad. And what the hell was Nationwide Insurance thinking with their ad?!?

Anyway... I'm heading up to Denver today for a conference. I was supposed to leave around noon, but they cancelled the flight for some reason. *headdesk* So now I leave around 5. Great. I have to work a whole day. Damnit! Now I have to nurse my hangover AND work.
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