Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

A Non-furry Con

I'm typing this from Boulder CO as I am up here attending a 2-day conference. I just looked back in my LJ archive and saw that I was last up here in 2009. Damn! I haven't been traveling for work much as of late! It was nice to go to a meeting and hear about stuff that is actually in my field and not some bullshit like contract administration. Things certainly have changed since I was here last. It looks like they're expanding Hwy 36 in a big way. It was always this congested 4-lane highway but it looks like they're expanding it to 8 lanes. Amen! I'm staying at a hotel that I thought I had stayed at 6 years ago. Once I got my bearings I realized that I am in the hotel next door. The hotel I stayed at is currently being demolished! There was a reception tonight at a restaurant down near the famous Pearl St Mall where I had fursuited with anya_silverfur during that last visit. The restaurant was a typical Boulder place with lots of gluten-free items on the menu and a foofy bar menu that included drinks with herbs to calm your mind and body. Yeeeeaaaah. I then took notice of the structure and realized it used to be the Rockfish Brewery where thrashbear used to work and where we had dinner together for the first time back in 2004. Man! Talk about memories! At the reception I met a person who lives in Pittsburgh. I decided to go for it and asked her if she knew about Anthrocon. Duh! She thought it was pretty cool. I think my boss got pretty toasted at the reception and wanted me to drive back to the hotel. Ummmm, no. I just drank 3 martinis. She decided to drive instead of asking the 3rd person in our party. I was actually all for having her drive. I kept thinking how delicious it would have been for her to get pulled over for a DUI while driving essentially a government vehicle (a rental car paid for with a gov't cc). Can you say "instantly fired?" No such luck.
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