Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Airport Hell

This is what I get for making an LJ post before things are a done deal. Not 30 minutes after I made the last post I hear an announcement that the flight to ABQ has been cancelled. WTF?!? I think the plane was coming in from Aspen, and they were getting hit a lot harder by the snow storm which barely brushed DEN. So I made a mad dash to the customer service desk to arrange another flight. The only other flight to ABQ was fully booked. So either I spent the night or I could get to ABQ by 9 if I hopped a flight to PHX. I had wanted to call the gov't travel agent to see if they could get me to ABQ on Southwest (since United doesn't partner with SW), but the flight to PHX was leaving in 15 minutes. So off I went to hop on that flight. When I arrived in PHX I realized that I was pretty much the same distance away from home as I was before. I also realized that I was in Terminal 2 and had no idea what terminal I needed to be in to catch my flight (there were no universal arrival/departure screens). I also realized that I would have to go through security one more time. My frustration level was creeping into the red. After walking to the next terminal (in comfortable 75 degree temps) I hopped on to their new Sky Train (which doesn't go to Terminal 2 and is therefore full of fail in my opinion) and made it to Terminal 4. I then went through security again which was manned by Larry, Moe, and Curley. Finally I made it to my gate. I joked with Kitty that I would probably be routed to Dallas to keep up with the theme of circling ABQ but never quite getting there. Luck was on my side and I touched down in ABQ only about 4 hours later than scheduled after all was said and done. I guess life is a journey and not a straight line between points A and B. If so, this trip was a good metaphor for life itself. Wow. That was deep.
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