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Feeling Blue...And Loving It!

Last night Kitty and I went to see The Blue Man Group perform at the local U. I had to go back in my LJ archive to see that it was way back in 2006 when we saw them last. They certainly have taken off even more so over the past 9 years with permanent shows in Vegas and elsewhere across the country. Things have changed considerably. Back in '06 you were encouraged to interact with the show on your cell phone. Not any more. The '06 show was also more of a rock concert. We were lucky to have had Tracy Bonham performing with them at the time. I think Dave Matthews also toured around with them. This was more of a theater show, but when dealing with the Blue Men, I have no idea what that means. Some of the show was totally amazing with the complete embrace of technology. Other bits where they interacted with the crowd seemed to really lag and bring the show down. The concluding number (before encore) was like a giant rave with pounding music, confetti cannons, strobe lights, and giant illuminated "beach balls" floating around the auditorium. It was nice to see that they kept their "Time to Start" routine in the show as well as the marshmallow throw and catch. I also got a pic of Kitty with one of the Blue Men who came out into the lobby after the show. Good times!

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