Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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You probably remember a few months ago that a big news story was that a volcanic eruption on the big island of Hawaii was threatening the little town of Pahoa. There were daily updates as the lava slowly oozed into town eventually consuming at least one house. The main lava flow eventually stopped and the news media went home. The disaster was averted. Right? No. My geo-geek has been in full gear the past few weeks as we prepare for our trip to the Islands in 2 months. Of course I wanted to see the recent lava flow. I'm used to seeing rocks that are millions of years old. How cool would it be to see rock that is less than a year old! So I have been going to the Hawaii Volcano Observatory website every day to see what has been going on. It looks like plenty! The flow is once again moving towards the town so expect to see stories in the news over the next few weeks or perhaps even days! Some mornings I check out the webcams at the National Park and are treated to small lava fountains in the still-dark skies. I was a bit disappointed to see that much of the park has been deemed "off limits" for the past several years due to the ongoing eruptions. I was also surprised to read that the Park Service is now actively trying to re-open a road along the ocean that had been buried less than a decade ago by a different flow. They need the road open in case the new flow cuts across Highway 130 which could be a definite possibility.

Here's a pretty cool video of the flow from last year. The time lapse stuff is pretty amazing.
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