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Out in the Field

Yesterday was fun day! There was a question about doing some work up at Heron Reservoir, our northern-most reservoir, and so I was asked to tag along to see what was up. And so in typical gov't fashion we drove 3 hours up to the reservoir, walked around and surveyed the situation for an hour, had lunch for an hour, and drove 3 hours back. Yay! Day over! I need to get out more often. It was good to see the reservoir in its current state. It hasn't been this low in about 30 years. Heck, since it was built! Hopefully this Winter's snow will slow down the precipitous drop.

We are getting more wet weather today. YAY! Hopefully the mountains are getting dumped on some more. We need a few Winters of well above average snow. I have a feeling it ain't gonna happen.

While walking Anubis last night I was suddenly struck with a wave of angst. it just popped out of nowhere. I quickly shook it off but started to wonder what phase the moon was in. It seems like I always get these feelings around the full moon. When I turned to the east to head back home, I saw the nearly full moon through the clouds over the Sandia Mts. I thought so! I don't believe in biorhythms and such, but it seems like I hit these little emotional lows right before the full moon. It's weird. The one good thing is that the wild swings of last year are a thing of the past. Now it's more an annoying feeling. Oh well. I be all better now an' shit.
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