Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Obligatory Oscar Post

Kitty and I upheld our tradition of watching the Oscars on Sunday. Normally I loathe awards shows, but it has become our "thing" to endure the 3+ hour show. We both love movies and there is still some integrity behind the Academy Awards. I am fully aware, however, that it is really a bunch of narcissists giving each other ass-pats.

I went back in my LJ and saw almost 12 years of Oscar reports. Almost all of them say how much the show sucked and that each year it seemed to get worse. I won't say that this year. Neil Patrick Harris did an admirable job in hosting the show. Yes, the show ran overly-long and got overly boring in parts. The highlight was definitely the performance of "Everything is Awesome" from "The Lego Movie." It had a possum fursuiter! Google "Awesome Possum Oscar" to see the performance. It looked like a real fursuit head and not a cheap costume shop one.

We had only seen 2 of the 8 nominated for Best Picture. I'm glad "Boyhood" didn't win. It was a good movie, but definitely not great. Patricia Arquette got a gift for Best Supporting Actress. Once again, she was good but not great. Of the Best Foreign Films that were nominated, at least we had seen the winner ("Ida" from Poland. Go Pollacks!) We still haven't seen "Big Hero 6" yet which won for Best Animated Feature. That's good since we had seen "...Dragon 2" and "Boxtrolls" and didn't find them Oscar-worthy. I was surprised that "Feast" won for animated short. I guess the "anti-Disney bias" is gone (Duh! The Oscars are on ABC, owned by guess who). I definitely called the Best Documentary Short winner ("Crisis Hotline...") complete with plea to do more for vets with PTSD. I see that the Best Documentary winner "Citizenfour" is now available on HBO On demand. Gotta watch it. It was also good to see that "Grand Budapest Hotel" won a few awards. I'm slowly coming around to appreciate the work of Wes Anderson. Perhaps it was "Fantastic Mr Fox" that did it for me. *grins*
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