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"I'm a little piggy, here's my snout"

oink oink oink! oink oink oink!

No, this isn't about Cartman's pubes. *giggles*

Yesterday morning we had a division meeting at a local Mexican restaurant. It's nice to get out of the office and have a meeting in an informal setting. The division meetings are BS anyways. Our supervisor is such a joke. She is so power hungry that she is totally blind as to how she is coming across. She scrambled up the ladder on the backs of a lot of people with the help of those above her. Then once she got up, the ladder for the rest of us got pushed away. Her old position was a GS-12. Since I'm an 11, it would be the next logical step. Well, it was decided to reclassify the position as a 13, thus putting it out of my reach. She said they would open it up for temporary detail...for 12's. If no 12's were interested, then they would open it up to 11's. Oh! But you would have to fill out an official application. WTF!?!? That has never been done before! Oh! and there would be no temporary increase in pay. Why bother? The experience? *LAUGHS!*

Well, the good news was I got a nice plate of chorizo and eggs smothered in red chili. I then contacted jeil_kitty when I got back to the office to see if he still wanted to do dinner. Silly question! I picked him up around 6:45 and we headed over to the Ever Green chinese buffet. I like this place because they have a nice selection of sushi. I thought of badjahsensei as I downed a huge plate of sushi. Mmmmmm. Then round 2 was the steamed buns. The final round was a nice selection of the other stir-fried dishes. We both rolled out of the place about an hour and a half later. *burp* Oh yeah! Good stuff!

And yes, this post once again proves stoda's observation that furry posts usually deal with sex and food. Do I need to quote "CSI" again about raccoons? *LOL*
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