Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

St Patty's Day Furmeet

The festivities took place on Saturday, but it took a whole day to recover. It must have been a good party! *lol* I cooked up 10 lbs of corned beef along with potatoes and 2 heads of cabbage. I got pinched several times because I got so caught up in cooking I forgot to put on some green. I rectified that later by putting on my cheap Target frog fursuit. Of course there was much drinking. The new phrase for this meet was "carpet bombing." That was when at least 8 Irish car bombs were consumed simultaneously by a group. I didn't even get a taste of the Jameson. One minute it was a full bottle and the next it as a dead soldier in the recycling bin. Of course we provided crash space for all that over-imbibed. Every bed and sofa/recliner was occupied on Sunday morning. It was then time to head over to Weck's for our traditional hangover breakfast. So overall the meet was a success. I think there was a general need to blow off some steam and just have a good time.
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