Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Comcast Fail

I love ranting about "old media" on how they just don't get it. First there was the whole rigamarole about people downloading movies and t.v. shows to their computers. Oh noes! You can't do that! Even networks like NBC were pissed that people were uploading and watching "SNL" without their permission! put the show on free t.v. every week! I don't have to pay to watch the show. It's the advertisers that are paying. They don't know if I watch their commercial or not (usually not).

Anyway...slowly but surely the dinosaurs are coming around although they still do stupid things like disabling fast forward if you watch something on demand. OK. Fine. I'll record the show myself at its regularly scheduled time and then fast forward it. Netflix was a game changer. Here! Here's a whole bunch of content that you can watch for one low monthly fee. People flocked to the site and the stock price soared. Why subscribe to cable t.v. when you could watch content via the Internet? I found a perfectly good example the other day. I have been watching "Sons of Anarchy" on Netflix for the past several weeks. I watched 6 season, 79 episodes, for $10/month. I was perfectly fine with that! The final season was not available on Netflix yet, so I checked to see if it was available on demand from Comcast. It was! For $2 an episode. WTF?!? So I just watched 79 episodes for $10 on Netflix, but you want to charge me $26 for 13 episodes?!? And FX is a network I'm already paying for with my monthly cable bill!

I guess I just need to be patient because the entertainment landscape is changing so quickly. In all fairness there is a ton of content available on Comcast although they still separate internet content from cable on demand content. The Wall Street rumor mill is also churning that suggests that Comcast might even make a bid for Netflix since Comcast had made noise about acquiring Time-Warner which would set off all sorts of anti-trust alarms at the FCC. I told Kitty last night that my dream would be a network/website where you could find ANYTHING at ANYTIME. If it was in a theater, released directly to DVD, was on t.v., was shown in any country, would be available with a click for a nominal fee. We're getting there!
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